Gunsmith Services

Repairs, Cleaning, Set-Up... We can do it.

At 4C's Gunworks, we are setup to be able to handle most general Gunsmithing needs. This includes most upgrades to firearms and some repairs. For more complex needs that involve machining, we have resources that we outsource these needs to. We are happy to assist, so please send us a note below with your needs.

Gunsmith Prices

Stock Work

  • Install recoil pad$25.00
  • Glass bedding$50.00 – $75.00
  • Sling swivel installation$15.00
  • Repair cracks (includes touch up)$40.00 – $60.00


  • Complete Pistol clean with inspection$35.00
  • Complete Rile clean with inspection$45.00
  • Extra dirt and rust removal $25.00 – $50.00
  • Shop Minimum Charge$35.00 

Sight Work

  • Install Pistol sights$25.00
  • Install red dot mount$45.00
  • General scope mounting$30.00
  • Boresight$20.00 

Additional Services

  • Cerakote Services Coming Soon$TBD
  • Stock Replacement$45.00 – $150.00+parts
  • AR-15 Conversion to Floating Hand-guard$30.00+parts
  • AR-15 Assembly$100.00 
  • Any additional AR Service (trigger, buffer, safety, handguard, …)$Price Varies 
  • *minimum $35 charge or any service.


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