We are located in McKinney Texas and handle both new and used firearms. 4C’s Gunworks is a Type 07 FFL and can handle all of your NFA item needs for suppressors and SBRs. We cater to the individual that wants to be discrete and avoid the Big Box stores for their purchases. We have relationships will all of the major firearm distribution networks and can get just about any firearm available on the market. 4C’s Gunworks started from our passion for firearms and shooting as a family. The name 4C’s comes from the Carter boys, and each of my 3 sons have a role to play in the business. The oldest is my right hand man in the shop, the middle is our test marksman, and the youngest keeps us entertained while we work. After spending countless hours in the big box stores, looking at their inventory, and trying to get some assistance, we decided there had to be something better. We’ve also spent time in some of the dedicated shops and felt they wanted to get you out as fast as you came in. For the first time gun buyer with lots of questions or the seasoned gun owner who knows what they want, at the end of the day you are just a number. At 4C’s Gunworks, we definitely have our preferences when it comes to firearm manufactures, but we know our customers do as well. If you want a Hi Point 9mm, we aren’t going to give you 100 reasons why you should buy a Sig instead. – Owner, Brye Carter

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