Q. What do I need to do after purchasing a firearm online?

A. 4C's Gunworks is setup in most online retailers systems (Gunbroker, Grabagun, Gunprime...) and they already have our FFL setup in their system.  The seller is notified along with 4Cs when the transaction completes.  

Q. I purchased a firearm online and they need a copy of your FFL.

A. Ask your vendor to email brye@4csgunworks.com, and I will send them the information they need before shipping.

Q. Will I be notified when my firearm arrives?

A. YES, We will send you notification as soon as possible.  

Q. How do you collect payment for FFL transfers?

A. Cash or Venmo is best.  I try to keep change on hand, but don't always have it.

Q: What do I need to bring when I pickup my new firearm - 

A. You will need a valid government issued ID. The address must match your current address.

Q. The address on my ID does not match my current address, what should I bring?

A. Along with your valid ID, bring your voters registration or vehicle registration notice.

Q. What is the process when I arrive?

A. You will complete the ATF form 4473 electronically on an IPad.  This includes all License To Carry holders.

Q. What is the ATF Form 4473?

A. Here's a link to the document - ATF Form 4473

Q. Do I need to fill out the paperworks before I arrive?

A. No, the background check process normally takes 10 minutes to complete once you complete the ATF form 4473.

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